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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  August 17, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ to "the journal." i am terry martin in berlin. the top stories. police in a standoff at a cairo mosque where dozens of muslim brotherhood supporters had barricaded themselves. the search goes on in the philippines at a sunken ferry for those still missing. retains his shot putt world championship in moscow.
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>> we begin in egypt where government troops have forced their way into a cairo mosque against supporters of the muslim brotherhood. this is the latest in a series of violent clashes where 170 people have been killed in the last 24 hours. the standoff at the mosque in ended onmsi square friday as there was heavy gunfire as the police removed several supporters of mohamed morsi. a curfew is in effect across the city. morsi supporters barricaded themselves inside the mosque, seeking refuge from the army backed security forces outside. the standoff outside the house lasted for hours, but then the gunbattle began. the crowds panicked as shots rang out. sharpshootershood
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fired from a minaret. chaos spiraled again. all attempts at finding a peaceful resolution came to nothing. badalwi refuse to look for reconciliation. >> there is no reconciliation for those with blood on their hands or anyone who has taken up arms against our country and its citizens. >> hundreds have died in the past four days of violence. more have been injured or arrested but both sides are resolute. the government plans to outlaw the muslim brotherhood party, and the brotherhood will continue their protests in the coming weeks. >> the scale of the violence has promoted outrage and not just -- ousted the assa
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president. we asked if this could a road support. >> one fault line is the civilian government. president, elbaradei. you could hear the prime minister today and a statement for the presidency. the second fault line is the liberator, for supporting this from the beginning. we have the resignation of the with the national salvation front and the opposition groups -- he resigned because he would not take the responsibility. he did not want to give the security forces a blank check. there are the first >> that you
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can see in the fault lines, deliberately supporting the military to. so, could egypt be heading to civil war? the latest developments suggest there is that ainge are. at a meeting in berlin on saturday with his counterpart -- he condemned the spiraling violence in cairo. an urgent appeal for dialogue. >> there was a grim assessment of the events in egypt. the possibility of civil war and the spiraling death toll. urged a switch from confrontation to dialogue. they admit that this won't be easy. >> the goal is to begin a political process where all sides come together to chart the direction of the country. that we allant
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engage in open dialogue with each other. that means providing leaders of parties that have been jailed the opportunity to rejoin the political process. >> qatar often acts as a mediator in solving regional conflicts. before the ouster of mohamed supported him and the muslim brotherhood. >> everyone must sit together at one table, including those who are now held prisoner. a political body requires a political head. him there can be no dialogue. are afraidand qatar that egypt will be engaged in a civil war. the stability of the middle east hangs in the balance. >> in the philippines, 30 are
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confirmed dead after a ferry collided with a cargo ship. this is saying off of the coast of cebu. two dozen people have been pulled out of the water, 100 70 are missing and authorities fear that the death toll will rise. >> crowds gather outside of the shipping office. they scan the list of survivors to find the names of friends and relatives. offshore, rescue workers are out in force, scouring workers -- scouring waters in search of the missing. >> many of the survivors are sick from swallowing oil and seawater. this cargo ship collided with a passenger boat that sank within 10 minutes. >> this happened quickly. we were inside when we heard a loud bang.
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flying to me and i got my wife and daughter, who were fast asleep and we escaped. if i had not returned they may have been killed. >> others were not as lucky. >> when we felt the boat tilting, we rushed up, afraid that the ship would capsize. i let go of my son's hand by accident and cannot find my daughter. >> the reason was not clear. these accidents are too common in the philippines, where boats are mainly for transportation and maritime safety regulations are very >>. >> we have the latest sports news coming -- are very lax. >> we have the latest sports news for you, but first the latest stories. heavy rain in northeastern china has led to the greatest flooding in decades. firefighters have been brought in to help with the rescue
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effort. 25 people have died. people near the chinese russian border have been evacuated. at least 15 people have been killed in attacks across afghanistan. --urgents killed 10 of them and at least five others were killed in a separate attack. the united nations says that civilian casualties are up 23% from last year. continuing tore battle a fast-moving wildfire in the u.s. state of idaho. this has raced across 54,000 acres of land ever since it was -- sparked by lightning on august 7. a number of multimillion dollar homes are threatened. sports. another dramatic day in the bundesliga. two clubs in particular it would do best to forget this.
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5-1, to hoffenheim, who set up kevin volland and mondeste to score. schalke fell apart against wolfsburg who punished him with three goals in 12 minutes. stephon scored in the dying 0.ments to make this 4- in the second day, hamburg and floated, as we saw. won, pock -- volspog stuttgart lost to leiberkusen. 3-0.uchen beat hanover nuremberg hosts berlin. more on that in a moment. brownscweig.d
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enjoyed a win over frankfurt last weekend, and even them --ayer overcame spirits are high in the second game against nuremberg. >> the coach has worked his team hard this week. anyas been trying to dispel memories of the 6-1 mauling of frankfurt. >> results like that don't happen often. we have put the match behind us. fans cannot get enough of the scoring side and the record- breaking returns. >> it has been years, decades since we played football at this level.
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>> from the second division to the top of the first. >> despite majoring start to life in the top flight, they are not getting carried away. to prove thatnt this was not a fluke and are focusing on the visit to nuremberg. >> we need to focus for the full 90 minutes. if we pick up where we left off against frankfurt, then we stand a good chance. road, andoints on the they will likely remain atop the standings. >> the world athletics championships in moscow, usain again,as stolen the show storming to victory in 200 meters, winning gold in 19.66 seconds, the second gold of
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these championships and he could be the winner of another on wednesday. there was an upset in the women's high jump. claimed theist -- title with a new personal best. steven kippertige triumphed in marathon, winning in two hours and 25 minutes -- the to win thenyan gold since 2005. put in another metal -- at the world championships but he has a photographer to thank. the officials said this was a file until the photographer -- foul until the photographer came to the rescue. >> judges immediately called his
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throw invalid, saying it was over the rim -- but there was a close recording of the throw that showed he did not step out of the ring. the judges revised their decision and he became world champion. >> it wasn't me that won the gold medal. with the bestelf, attempt in the shot put competition. i caught theseck images while everyone else was shooting from a different perspective. >> the 23-year-old wasted no time in celebrating his victory. >> he gave me a big hug. i felt this. i am no lightweight but he is a colossus. has promised to take the photographer for a beer. >> the oldest person in the
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world is a japanese woman who is 115, but wait a moment. says that he is nearly one decade older, 123. that would make him the oldest person ever on record. >> other than some trouble hearing, carmelo flores laura says he is in perfect health, not bad for someone of 123 years. who boy, he was a herder still tends cattle today but he misses his friends and family. >> everyone who used to live here died and i am the only one who is still alive. even my wife died. >> he says that long walks and a robust died of barley, beans and potatoes are the secret to his longevity. he used his a century old
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baptism certificate to get an official state id. if he can prove this is authentic, the record books may need to be rewritten. >> going strong at 123. thank you for watching "the journal." >> tripoli in northern lebanon -- is on the frontline of a religious and political can't act. on one side of the street, the sunnis form the majority. on the opposite hill, the shiites predominate. both groups are muslim, but bitter enemies. the conflict goes back decades. since the war began in neighboring syria, fighting has intensified. the conflicting parties belong to the same religious factions
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fighting in syria. we want to go to alawi territory. there is a lebanese army check point. the soldiers are supposed to keep them apart, but when clashes erupt, the soldiers walk away. >> 50,000 à la whites -- live here in the central conflict is below these houses. the walls are covered in bullet holes. supplies themd with money and weapons. he is also one of them. people here are proud to display their loyalty to the syrian regime.
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>> he runs a shop that sells jeans and has his own factory. intensified,hting business has been slow. the young father shows what they are being shot at with. >> i ask what they are. mortars and grenades, he says. >> these are just a few examples. firefight, 300 or more are fired. in 2008, his brother was shot. the area was sealed off. there is no hospital and by the time the family got him out, he had bled to death. he feels let down by the government and has not left the area in a year and a half.
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he says that since the spread of fundamentalism he has become scared, especially since media attention has made him recognizable. he is a leading member of the arab democratic party, that is hated by the jihadists. he will not accompany us in the streets. he says it is dangerous because people here are mistrusting of strangers. this seems like a prison far removed from the outside world, but he says he would rather die here then leave. he says he will use any means necessary to defend himself and his family. the fighting is often prompted by things that happen in syria. when bashar al-assad attacked the rebels in homs, supporters were attacked.
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suddenly, we hear muffled shots. he says there are guns being fired. again,g has erupted something the locals are used to. it is not clear who is doing the shooting. sometimes one side will start and sometimes the other. we have to leave before the checkpoint closes and we are trapped here. the next day, on the other side of the front, we meet khalid. he will not tell us his full name. he is a sunni, an opponent of the syrian regime. we are able to move around freely. but nothing is really safe. >> he tells us when fighting inaks out, the supermarket the street is the only one that will stay open to sell food.
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people risk their lives to buy necessities, like bread. he says that many innocent locals have been injured or killed by snipers. omar was one of the victims, he tells us. he was buying juice when he was hit in the head and killed. that was his nephew, his sister's son. >> the flag of the free syrian army. no mistaking whose side these people are on. when fighting breaks out, he joins in. not because he thinks killing will make a difference, he tells us, but to protect his family from the fighters of jabbar m olsun. khalid says he and his neighbors are forced to fight because they support the syrian
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people and oppose the a side -- assad regime. >> the war is taking a heavy toll. up to a dozen people have been killed and 200 injured in a single firefight. increasing number of civilians find themselves caught in the crossfire. him, many people here are unemployed. about 30% of the population. but they receive money for fighting. game,e children this is a but most of the adult men are armed. we ask where the weapons come from. >> mostly from russia and iran. they see those countries as political enemies. they buy the weapons from has a
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-- h has bullock ezbollah leaders. >> civilians here are extremely poor. money for buying weapons comes from wealthy islam is businesspeople. he warns us against going any further. -- site of site people with a camera might incite people. becoming a place of radicals as jihadists come here. all over the city we will see the black flag of war. they are all opponents of the syrian regime. there is also a flag outside the house of the -- islam is to makes no secret of his support
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for al qaeda. war in lebanon is inevitable. >> the situation is complete uprising. related to syria. really, strongly believe that the sunni giant has awakened. >> he is one of many who is feeling discontent and recruiting young men for the cause. but the majority of people in lebanon want one thing, peace. he and his friends are moderate muslims. we meet them in the harbor quarter. it's, theyome pantry are afraid that war could break out in lebanon. the radicalization fills them with dread.
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they say many young people go to the mosque, and then go to syria to fight. he says that youngsters feel obligated to take up arms against the regime in syria in support of the rebels. >> moin and his friends do what they can to keep other young people from getting involved in the war. the 17-year-old has organized a concert to encourage young people to express themselves rather than through violence. he wrote these songs himself. burning," go the words. there is no music, just shooting and bombs, we are helpless.
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we are killing each other, senselessly. after the concert they hold a vigil for peace. they distribute stickers in the center of tripoli. people arere young campaigning against the radicalization of the city. they say they have no future to look forward to hear. the fighting has worsened the city's economic problems. he says he has big dreams but no opportunities in lebanon. he says he wants to go abroad to work and earn money before returning to his country. we are back on the front line, serious street, where peace seems even farther away. unexpectedly invited us to his home, which is in the line of fire. for generations of his family live here. his wife, mother, daughters and
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two grandchildren. the visit provides a welcome distraction. and they seem happy to see us. there are brick and mortar holes everywhere. his mother says she is paralyzed by fear when the fighting a ropes. they shoot at us from up there, she tells us. this is where the family gathers for their meal. she says if someone had been sitting here when this was made, they would be dead. here could become as bad as in syria. the family feels helpless. his wife says they never know erupts,hy the violence or when it will come to an end.
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here, as on the other side of serious street, everyone says that they want peace. but in the time we have spent
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